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Magenta by Mahara-Fushiki
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Fox Glove by Mahara-Fushiki
Mahara Fushiki by Mahara-Fushiki
Echo the Dolphin by Mahara-Fushiki
Commissions are on an OBO (Or best offer Basis, but my prices are also listed on my commissions List which is featured in a journal and in my main Gallery.

I can also be supported on My Patreon Page here >>…

Payments for the commissions can also be made here at my gofundme page >>…

Or here at my Paypal >>

Whichever one is easiest for you to use, Contact me here or on Inkbunny or Furaffinity for commission Details and Rules

thank you

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all my faverites so far, there maybe more

Who's your favorite Turtle? 

7 deviants said All four (Why choose one?)
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2 deviants said Donatello
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No deviants said Verne (Over the Hedge)


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i want to be able to maintain my core membership here

anything you can help me with will be appreciated, hopefully my dad won't spend all my paychecks to the point where it was like with my old job where even though i was working i was broke cuz he took all my money before i could spend any for myself

This however does not go Un-appreciated, the first person to help me reach the 2000 point goal gets a free commission from me

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United States
I'm a woman of Simple tastes, simple preferences. I don't like Negative attitudes, yelling, trolling, stupidity or Politics

and keep your religion to yourselves cuz I'll make you spontaneously combust with the truth about God

I like: Big Guns, Cooking, animals, My Little Ponies Both generations, Thundercats, Transformers, Dragonball Z and DB Kai, Comic books, Video Games and Cookies ^__^

Oldman's Confession

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 6:32 PM
  • Listening to: Spotify
  • Reading: IDW TMNT
  • Watching: 87 TMNT Series
  • Playing: South Park Stick Of Truth
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Ice coffee
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

so my dad just revealed to me that he gets paid about 1350 per month through his SSI Benefits and gets paid about 1030 through his retirement. So total all together it’s about 2380, we’ll round it off to 2400 that he gets every month. 

950 of that goes to the House’s rent cuz our landlord is covering power, cuz our local power company is a bunch of douchebags where being fair on the bill is concerned. about 600+ of another chunk of that money goes to payments of both the cars he bought with the Back-payment of his retirement, one of which was a graduation gift he got for my brother. so that’s already about 1550 of his check gone.

so there should be about 850 left for remaining expenses like groceries, we spend about 120-200 on that depending on what we need to get at the time, he goes to Comoddities (a kind of Poor peoples’ free food place) where he gets canned goods and preserves out the ass so we hardly have to buy any of that anymore, so at most we only buy meat from a local Butcher, which when I budget the meat on my paychecks, i spend only 55-70 bucks on the meat. 

but i don’t see him buying this kind of stuff on his own when he goes out alone to do “food Shopping” as he puts it, i see him come home with snacks and carb-foods and instant meals. but supposedly we spend about 200 dollars on our food shopping for groceries, I know some of that is flavored cream, gotta have it for coffee, no avoiding it.

even then, that should still leave 650 for other emergency expenses, like right now, without me having a job, the internet bill needs to get paid, but somehow he doesn’t have the money to spend and needs to sell off DVDs to buy food for meals for the week.

I went with him and asked him if he could swing for a flavored creamer bottle for me cuz he always does it for my brother when HE doesn’t have money, and i was chided before for adding something i wanted to the basket without asking cuz it’s just common fucking courtesy

so I ask this time, he tells me “if you have the money go for it” so I’m forced to put it back cuz he knows I’m broke.  

He tries bringing up how there’s no 30+ year old adult in the world that gets a free ride when i tell him i don’t have the money, and says how it’s not the time and place for the discussion, so I get in his face and make it the time and place by asking him, where does all his money go.

he points out the house’s rent, the payments on the cars and out groceries, so I ask him directly, saying “okay, you just basically said about 1200-1500 of your money goes to the cars and the rent, where is the rest of it going cuz I know we’re not buying 1200-600+ worth of groceries, and there’s no way our Gas and Water bill is up to 1200-600+ of money either.

when i had a job both before and after my spring and fall Semesters, I knew where my money went at all times, and I knew how much i had leftover and what i could spend it on or what it needed to be spent on at all times cuz i know how this family spends money. 

I usually had about 300+ to 200+ leftover after buying groceries and paying the internet bill in case the gas or water bill was due, which during the summer is always about 5-12 per month by the end of the month so our local Gas doesn’t usually send a bill out till it gets significantly high, which i praise them for, it’s a high bill by 2 or 3 months BUT!! it’s still fair, cuz then when it’s paid, that’s it, then the water bill’s only about 50+ which is still ridiculous cuz they charge us for Sewage waste and storm water 

ANYWAY point is, I used to get less than him Bi-weekly every paycheck and I still had money leftover for emergency payments, and even then STILL HAD MONEY leftover for Lunch or snacks at work, or a grocery emergency, like if we needed milk, or eggs or Cream for the coffee (we’re all coffee addicts here)

despite my paychecks being lower than his SSI and retirement Bi-Weekly, I STILL HAD MONEY LEFTOVER…………………………so that leaves me to wonder

where the fuxk does my dad’s leftover 1200-600+ monies that he should have after all the large payments go? What teh fuckety-fuck does he spend it on, and why the fucking-fucker-fuckitall is he broke, when according to my most basic of Maths…..he should have almost 1200-600+ leftover after everything.

It could be i’m better at spending my money than he is, but even then, after doing all the math and with him telling me what the household expenses are where his check goes for spending, i’m left wondering where all his leftover money goes.

whatever, he's spending it on whatever he wants, and being irresponsible, next time he comes at me with where my money goes i'm getting into his face about it and ask him "So what happens to the leftover 1200-600+ you should have, based on what you told me as far as our household expenses that you pay for, you should have about 1200-600+ dollars leftover. so where does it go?"

and i'll stand there and wait for a real answer, he still hasn't answered me the first time i asked him right in the middle of walmart

Talk Later


Miyu by Mahara-Fushiki
now this is my crowning glory, Miyu, a Cervidae Mutant.

Cervidae being the Scientific classification of all Deer, Moose, Gazelle, Caribou, Reindeer, mouse deer, you name it.

As i Mentioned in the Raph/Miyu Post, she's a Coin-Flip of Raph, externally she's cuddly, soft, gentle and even tempered. However after looking up ALOT  of info on deer and other cervidae, i came to the conclusion that as calm as they are externally, if their family, herd, mates, fawns are ever in any danger, you have two choices; Run, or Die

the Does of all the species are surprisingly territorial to rival does as well as severely protective to external dangers. which makes her the perfect match to Raph.

At first he didn't think it was a good idea to take her on missions despite her natural abilities in having heightened Hearing and smell, due in part to him assuming she's fragile and will probably die from a lucky shot from a foot ninja.

however, she proves herself tougher than she looks as well as alot more dangerous than she looks when her sister mutants are in danger as well as her new brothers, and her beloved raphie, like i said, if you piss her off at all, run, away, very fast

Till next time, Please do not repost

if you do i will hunt you down
Dani by Mahara-Fushiki
this is another one, much like Lissie, Dani for my Brandon Auman universe isn't much different from the 87 TMNT version of Dani. Found here

Dani by Mahara-Fushiki  the coloring on her suit is more appropriate for stealth and Ninja missions of course, also in the original image i set it up so she was Leo's love interest, this time, she's Mikey's, he needs a friend and a Love interest that, anyway, that's about it

her weapons are still Chakram, she's still a fun-loving turtle, but along with her fun-loving Nature, she knows how to step back and calm herself, and she helps Mikey with this by ALOT, of which, no doubt his brothers are VERY thankful for it

Till next time

Please do not repost, if you do, i will hunt you down
Kallisto by Mahara-Fushiki
There's not much different from Kallisto in this one; Kallisto by Mahara-Fushiki

Just her coloring and uniform are slightly different, she's still kind of the hot-head of the group, but that's only if you rile her up.  Otherwise she's an intellectual pessimist most of the time.

I matched her up with donnie cuz she's likely to get don to take care of himself before he decides to go on another week long project binge with like Zero sleep and food......You know, don doing what he does best, even at the expense of his health and sanity

Kallisto is there to make sure he stays sane, and healthy and well-rested, even if it comes to *ahem* "pursuading" him away from his work

anyway, not much else to say, her weapons are still butterfly swords etched with Fire and Wind markings, she's still part Wood Turtle part Caiman.  Literally other than her uniform coloring and style, nothing else much is different

Please do not repost, if you do, i will hunt you down
Talen by Mahara-Fushiki
this is................Sort of a new Look, I gave her wider hips than normal, and I tried going a little more animal in the face than i did before.  The obvious difference is in the wings; after watching Lucasfilm's "Strange Magic" I decided to try a different way of having her wings fold to her back, I have to say, i like this way better.

Granted they were butterfly-winged Fairies in that movie and not a Mutated Anthro fashioned to look like a Griffon, but still, artistically it looks better, asthetically it's more pleasing to the eyes, plus it leaves me more room to work with the rest of her body.

Leo's main love interest in my TMNT AU universe based on the Brandon Auman Short "Turtles take time and space"

I Picked her as Leo's love interest, namely because she's my first OC ever for TMNT from way back when i was a 10 year old brat.  Now i'm a 30+ year old brat (lol) a little more knowledgable as to what makes a character a Bad Mary-sue versus an Acceptable one.

Yes there are acceptable ones believe it or not, the Acceptable ones are where you make a character according to the rules set for the series/Comic/Game/Movie you're a fan of, even if it's Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu, if it follows the franchise's rules, then it's an acception.

if it flies off the handle and is mostly Self-serving as a character based on whatever you're a fan of, then it's the bad Mary-sue/Gary-stu character and should be killed with fire.


Talen, i admit, is a little Mary-Sue-ish, i made her specifically to be Leo's Match as a love-interest; She leads her team of female mutants, is responsible for their safety, But being part lion is also a naturally Lax leader, as long as she knows everyone is safe she chills, she doesn't devote 23 hours of her day to training like a certain Leonardo we all know.

and yes, that chill attitude is meant to calm Leo's tight-assed attitude, and yes, that is Mary-sue-ish, but it's the good kind, My take on Talen as a TMNT character follows the TMNT franchise's rules, as within the TMNT universe there's other characters that are as much like Leo as .............well.......Leo is like Leo.

Usagi Yojimbo (Miyamoto Usagi) Is one, Officer Longer, AKA, Nobody is another, there's a female super hero in the Image comics that's like him too, i forgot her name though.  So, by the rules of the TMNT universe, Talen fits in the role i gave her pertaining to TMNT as a whole.

She's Leo's love interest in the AU i'm developing for the Turtles based on the Brandon Auman Short, but it wasn't love at first sight.  Oh he was polite with her from the start, he was raised right by splinter to be so afterall. But he still erred on the side of caution until Don confirmed they were low-jacked and removed Baxter's Pet-chips from her and her sisters' necks to ensure they'd be safe from being found.

there were also points where Talen's relaxed attitude tended to get on Leo's nerves in the beginning, but over time, he realized she only relaxed when they were at home, safe and out of danger, unlike a certain Michelangelo that kicks back all the time both in battle and off battle.  

when she's in a fight though, you'd swear he was watching himself from the inside out, or outside in, seeing her in battle, strategizing on the fly, setting places for everyone mid-battle where they fit best in their fights and getting everyone out alive.  Pure Poetry to him

the rest is history

Till next time

Please do not repost 
if you do, i will hunt you down
Raph  Miyu by Mahara-Fushiki
Raph Miyu
no my freaky darlings, i am not dead, I am Alive and still kicking.

But i have unfortunately lost internet service in my house for the moment, whenever i get it back is when you'll next see me, in the mean time i'll have sporadic interactions here at our local library using their shit wifi

it's all i have till i get internet back, till then, please be patient

And enjoy Raph with a New OC, a Cervidae (Deer, Moose, Caribou, Gazelle) Mutant named Miyu.  Yes i am still working on my TMNT AU Project, just i haven't been able to upload parts of the fiction or any of my other fictions due to lack of internet and Drama at the house.

Till then, enjoy 

now y'all maybe wondering why i paired a deer of all possible Mutants off with Raph, you may even be assuming it's because she'll be the soft-spoken, gentle and calm counterpart to Raph's hot-headed, out-going, brash and tumble attitude.................

Sorry, but you're incorrect, She's actually what I like to call Raph's Coin-flip;  Deep under all that hot-headed Violent exterior, we all know Raph has a Soft chewy, gooey center on the inside, and i'm not just talking vital organs, we know raph likes to show he's all tough and Man's-man on the outside, but come on, you all know he's a giant teddy bear under it all.

Miyu like i said is a coin-flip of Raph's personality; Outwardly she's soft-spoken, Calm, Gentle and cuddly....................But if you piss her off, harm her friends, and especially, run very fast and very far away.


Watch any Documentary on wild Deer, and you'll be surprised how Violent a Doe can get when they're protecting their territory and their family

Till next time


Mehehe x3
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 9:00 AM
Alex you are a dork
Mon Jul 21, 2014, 1:58 PM
Veni, vidi, vici >3
Sat Jul 19, 2014, 6:35 PM
^ Good use of the shoutbox Sensei
Tue Jun 17, 2014, 9:16 PM
I said I WANNA ROCK~!!! :music:
Wed May 28, 2014, 9:55 PM
Sat May 17, 2014, 11:51 PM


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